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We were on the path to become best salon in Kolkata for women haircut. Topmost beautification services are provided to the people for more than a quarter of a century.  Our topmost radical approach has enabled us for being accepted as one of the top beauty salons in Kolkata and that added to our pride. As a person, I always had the passion to make people look beautiful. Therefore, I had chosen the career of beauty specialist and founded this beauty parlor in North Kolkata.
Beauty alone can do nothing to a person if he/she does not possess sound health. Thus, we have introduced a mix of massage with hot oil treatments in Kolkata. These are helpful for perfect toning of the body. Consorts of therapy treatments along with best skin treatment have been helpful in bringing the perfect beauty. The accentuation of the several treatments has been more conducive with the application of aromatherapy. Aroma means fragrance; thus the essence of aromatherapy has an unfailing impulse on the mind and body of the person applied to. Other than the treatment, A full consultation of skin , Hair & health done over here which helps to enhance beauty.Once a person visits us,she is bound to pay a second visit. Besides, the cost we offer has  a reasonable range. So, people enjoy the affordable and best treatment of beauty here.


                    The establishment had started its voyage in the last decade of twentieth century. The proprietor was passionate about providing a way to people so that they look more good and presentable. Thus, establishment of a beauty hub was due and materialized by the beginning of the year 1991. The founder was Dr. Anushree, a registered expert in the realm of Aromatherapy under NECAM (NORTH EAST COUNCIL of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES).

                    Of late, the directors of the company had the realization that people feel the need to go radical changes in order to look beautiful. But, the only deterrent fact is the cost. So, we have decided to keep the price level of all our products and services within a comfortable range. With all this access, our company has already crossed the realm of silver jubilee period and now is one of the profound beauty service providers in Kolkata. The change has also reflected with a change in name. Once LADY BEAUTY PARLOUR has now changed to LADY BEAUTY PARLOUR & SPA .

                    The entire parlor has been equipped with soothing environment. The setting of furniture, bouquets, reception etc is amply designed. Even the passers-by like to have a glance at the outlet.

LADY ACADEMY                    : 
                    The academy came into existence from the year 2003. Now, this organization is considered as one of the premier and best organizations in providing training about beautification treatment, hair styling and various make-up shots. The faculties are selected on the basis of their talent and experience. Thus the trainees are sure to get latest inputs about beautification treatments and procedures.

HOME SERVICES                   : 
                    From a follow up of requests from our various reputed clients we have considered the initiation of such a service couple of years ago. Customers made preview that our home service experts also can provide an equal range of comfort as is realized in our outlet.

                    The concept of Aromatherapy has been grown from the idea of using plant materials and aromatic plant oils. Such a treatment includes use of essential oils and other aroma compounds. Use of these oils enables better psychological and physical well-being. Such a therapy can also be offered as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine.

MAKEUP STUDIO                  :
                    We have teamed up with a group of specialists who are experts in providing makeup services. These people are experts in doing bridal makeup, makeup for all sorts of gala parties or whatever is the demand of situation. We are among pioneers to design innovative makeup fashions for our esteemed clients.

NAIL BAR                              : 
                    One of the popular beauty treatments is proper designing of nails. We have also organized a team who can offer expert solution to all the nail-related issues. These people are expert in nail designing, manicure and various treatments over nail. Our nail bar is popular among the young ladies in the area.
The PARLOUR                       :
                     We, as the owner, are committed to make the parlor as one of the best Women’s Beauty Parlor Services in Kolkata. Quiet and comfortable environment of the outlet has made us proud. It is spread over a span of 800 sq. ft. space. It acts like a beauty complex that comprises of two Shampoo Stations, two treatment and SPA rooms, two facial beds and six service chairs and two mani-pedi set ups. It is one of the biggest LADIES BEAUTY SALON IN BARANAGORE.The beautiful augmentation has been complimented with beautifully decorated reception and waiting lounge. Every portion of the complex area has been kept properly cleaned and hygienic. Instruments are kept in sterilized condition and cleaned after every use. Customers enjoy the climate within and the beautiful exterior getup. Soothing light music fills the air all the time.

STAFFS                                 :
                     All our staffs are either students of LADY ACADEMY or picked from reputed Government recognized training centers through proper channels. They are appropriately judged through interview before absorption. All of the new recruits are put under tested experts in the field to ensure their appropriate grooming. Special disciplinary schedules are made for each profile so that appropriate mannerism is guaranteed.

PRODUCTS                           : 
                    Our products are chosen with prior consultation of all the experts present here. The specialists are well aware of the trendy beauty products and SPA regimen. People are also invited to put their valuable suggestions in this regard. We never made any compromise over quality of materials. Customers enjoy the top ones in beauty treatments and SPA produces. All the products are eco-responsive and made from naturally harvested ingredients, sauté with pure and natural aroma oils. Our founder, Dr. Anusree, is a recognized Aroma specialist and has ability to suggest best type of Aroma products. We are thus confident in providing our clients with best hygienic treatments. Successful assembling of all these has made us best salon in Kolkata for makeup and skin treatments, like haircutting, hair styling, hair extensions, body waxing, massages and hair coloring, extension and articulation of nail and many likewise. We offer our services in wedding and various parties. The use of superior technique and material has made our bridal make up services as one of the topmost. We also provide Home Services, where you can enjoy the facilities sitting in the comfort of your home. Just give a buzz at our Customer Service number and one of our best professionals will be at your doorstep at the pre-fixed time.

TREATMENTS                     : 
                    Our parlor is a treatment center too and the clients are deemed to get assured treatments here. Our patron, Dr. Anushree is an Aroma specialist registered under NECAM. Besides, she has expertise as a Makeover Artist, Hair Dresser and Nail Technician too. Dr. Anushree has her own invention in blended pure and natural Aroma oils. These innovative products are especially designed to stop a variety of hair diseases. hair fall, acne, pigmentation, dandruff have found proper antidotes in these herbal oils. Besides, these oils are useful in treating skin, removal of lice and eradicating nail problems. Our outlet is among the topmost choices as Parlor for hand and foot spa. All the products are kept within moderate price range. We are just a phone call away and all prospective customers are invited to pay a visit.

                    Our ability to provide committed service and ability to stick to dignified principles has made our journey smooth. We are now among the best SPA parlors in the city of Kolkata. Our specialized products could put to best of their uses. Thus we could produce a clientele of satisfied customers. We are proud to have various foreigner and non-resident Indians into our list of clients. Persons from all reputable professions like Doctors, Lawyers, Air hostesses, Teaching professionals, Marketing Executives, students and children form the base of our clientele. The customers are chiefly coming from entire Kolkata, North 24 Parganas, Howrah and Hooghly 
PRICE & PAYMENTS        : 
We always strive to put the prices of all our services in a manner so that it fits all pockets. Besides, we make attempts not to make any compromise over the aspect of quality. Therefore, the products and services offered by us have been able to earn a reputation for us. All the consultation are offered free of cost. All the payments can be made at any mode the customer desires. Besides cash payment, all types of Credit and Debit card and other cashless mode like Paytm, BHIM,GOOGLE PAY, PHONE PE are acceptable here.
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