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Our presence Makes Kolkata More Glamorous

We were on the path to become best salon in Kolkata for women haircut. Topmost beautification services are provided to the people for more than a quarter of a century.  Our topmost radical approach has enabled us for being accepted as one of the top beauty salons in Kolkata and that added to our pride. As a person, I always had the passion to make people look beautiful. Therefore, I had chosen >>Read More

best salon in Kolkata for women haircut


People may prefer to look simple or stylist with their approach. This will be determined by the style of hair he/she has adorned to. They are looking for hair stylist who can meet this demand. Best hair designers provide tips for trendy and attractive hair styling.

best salon in Kolkata for women haircut


Accumulation of dirt and swells make our complexion dull. Exhaustions cause to form wrinkles on face that imparts aging. The best hair salon in Kolkata serves to provide solutions to all these problems. Facial is an efficient way to tackle wrinkles and make faces lustrous.

best salon in Kolkata for women haircut


Dr. Anushree, a renowned Aroma-therapist guides the treatment scopes. She has been able to design an assortment of packages for beauty treatment that suits every pocket. The products contain eco-friendly contents. All these have enabled us to be within best Kolkata beauty parlor list.

best salon in Kolkata for women haircut


Our body needs rejuvenation and we get this through SPA treatment. It induces various rejuvenating effects to body. We have engaged best quality SPA specialists. All these persons are aware of aromatherapy and are able to suggest best customized SPA treatment at affordable cost.


Our parlour is a professionally managed outlet. Customers enjoy the soothing environment of all our outlets. We are also striving to become Top women beauty parlor in Dankuni, Kolkata. We observe extreme care for optimum comfort of all the visitors in our units. Segmentation of the lavish 800 sq. ft area is adorned with two Shampoo Stations, two treatment cum SPA room and two facial beds. Allotment of enough service chairs help to make people comfortable about queue. The introduction of waiting lounge and well-decorated reception has increased the attraction.

Beautiful Atmosphere

The internal atmosphere of the SPA is made extremely comfortable by using refreshing herbs that could make the place entire place cool.

External Beauty

Our organization puts stress on outlook besides efficiency. We feel that such coordination will be able to make us the Top Ladies Beauty Parlor in Bonhoogly area.

Affordable Cost

We are committed to provide customizable beauty services that are affordable too. This will include all sorts of beauty treatment and spa methodologies.


All the Top Women Beauty Parlors in Kolkata is concerned about providing a decent and safe environment. This ensures fearless and comfortable entries for female too.


Our Speciality

We are confident about providing the clients with the best counseling in order to solve their beauty related problems. Best experts in the field of facial, treatment and spa are available to take care of all issues. Our spa uses aromatherapy concept to make you stress-free. Aromatherapy is all about providing freshness. There will be no side-effects and the ingredients are eco-friendly too. And, more beautifully, all these things are made available at most affordable prices. Payment modes are also convenient and flexible. All types of Credit and Debit cards are accepted here. So you need not bother about carrying cash.

Our Team

The Staff are the students of my institution or picked from Goverment recognised training centers imparting Specialized Training in Beauty & Herbal. They are disciplined, well trained & mannered to cater the clients.....

best salon in Kolkata for women haircut



Kolkata beauty parlor list



best hair salon in Kolkata



Kolkata beauty parlor list



Several Beauty Tips

There are host of natural treatments that will serve beauty requirements. Some of these are narrated as under:  

  • Banana and Egg hair treatment: Mix one egg and a mashed up banana. Make paste and use it on your hair. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with shampoo and use a conditioner afterwards. Hair will look shining.
  • Honey face mask: We are aware of the fact that honey is a natural anti-bacterial. Using honey is a quick mean to get soft and beautiful skin. A tablespoon of raw honey is taken and warmed by simple rubbing in palm. This is then spread on face and left for 10 minutes. Rinsed with warm water and pat dry. Face will glitter glow after such application. 
  • Patch Exfoliate: Take an orange and cut in halves. Each of the halves is required to rub on the elbow and knee. Any rough patch will be softened and will come out with a brisk effervescence.
  • Natural Body Scrub: This product is helpful in treating dead cells and the result is a soft and glowing skin. You are required to mix olive oil and sea salt in 2:1 ratio to make this scrub. The product is extremely economical than the similar products available in market.

Every female likes to fell reassured about non-existence of pimples, rough patches or likewise when she looks through mirror. But, tragedy lies in the fact that such a thing happens quite rare. With this, the person may feel disarrayed and disgusted. She looks madly for the solution. For them, a set of routine treatments could be suggested that will help them with a refreshed look whenever looked through mirror.

  • Toning: Soap wash makes skin dehydrated. Such a skin may be hydrated again with gentle dabbing with a small amount of toner. Such a toner has nutrients, vitamins and sunscreen as constituents. All that is required is balancing of pH level, which is done most efficiently by such a preparation.
  • Moisturizer: Toning makes ground for makeup. Yet, it is preferred that some amount of moisturizer is also used that contains SPF. Implementation of such procedure will help to spread the makeup with smoothness. Care should be assumed that the makeup never reaches eyes.
  • Foundation: Foundation creates the base of makeup. You need to choose this carefully by matching with the type of your skin. Opt for a priced reputed brand and don’t be scared about cost. You need to apply a penny-sized amount. Dab and blend the foundation evenly in sweeping motions, after being assured that no patch has been left out.
  • Concealer:Concealer helps in treating dark spots and black circles. The right tone will be one to two shades lighter than the skin tone in application. Minimum amount is dabbed only at the required spots. It is followed by blending with the concealer brush. Dark areas like lip corners, underneath the eyes, around the nose and blemishes are the areas where such concealer is applied.

Health and beauty experts suggest various tips that are helpful in the preservation of basic skin conditions. These are equally applicable for having a sound health.

  • Have a good sleep :Lack of quality sound sleep puts its embankment on the face in no time. The person look tired and a sense of irritation prevails within. Dearth in appropriate sleeping causes blood vessels to dilate and lead in the formation of dark circles. Sleep is also needed for making effectual metabolic and hormonal changes. If all these things happen in balanced form, a natural glow will appear on skin.
  • Having exercises: Methodical exercises help in strengthening muscles. It also helps in getting glowing skin. A scheduled fix of 30 minutes is required for performing exercises. Properly scheduled regular exercises helps in better blood circulation. It thus also helps in boosting skin health. All the free radicals and cellular debris are removed and cleared from within. Stress is also removed. All these work in combat to generate beauty.
  • Removal of Makeup before sleep: Skin can breathe properly when there is no artificial makeup on it. Skin gets the required nourishments when it gets appropriate breathing. Thus, it is advised to rinse off the makeup before going to sleep. Oils are preferred to harsh chemicals as it dissolves sebum and dirt without stripping face of these natural oils. Neem-based cleansers provide good option too.
  • Take Vitamin Rich food: Daily diet should incorporate Vitamin A and C enriched foods in regular diet. Vegetables like cabbage, tomato, cauliflower, carrots are recommended for having a beautifully glowing skin. A multivitamin tablet/capsule may also be taken every-day before night’s sleep as this will reinstate the dearth of various vitamins in our body.

Experts suggest an assortment of ways that will give your skin a perfect tone-down and will help you feel refreshed all the day. These tips will help in perfect resonating of beauty and health.

  • Escape from alcohol and absorb water: Absorbing of alcoholic drinks puts stain on liver. Such staining will result in dilated pores, broken capillaries, overgrowth of sweat and oil glands. All these lead to flat mutation of the cells that cause hoarseness in the skin.
  • Skin exfoliation: Dead skin cells require a regular and timely brushing off. Body moisturizers do this job with efficiency. A snap of bath is required after the day’s toil as it helps to remove the cells from the outer skin too. Dead cells in zones like back of the thighs and upper arms and hips are scrubbed by using a soaked brush/cotton. Such a procedure helps in keeping the skin toned besides keeping good health.
  • Skip off pimple picking: Picking of pimples causes scarring and infection too. This is so because skin does not get proper healing effect. Acne scarring happens due to picking of pimples.
  • Daily use of Sunscreens: Persons with fairer skin are more prone to skin cancer. This is due to UV effect of sun-rays. People who are bound to work in sun are more subjected to risk. Thus, the health and beauty practitioners have made the use of Sun-screen lotions a mandatory.


HOLI,the festival of colours is at our doorstep. Its also known as the Festival of Love as it commences for Radha & Krishna.To enjoy this festival safely, we have to take care of us. Just follow some simple tips ...

  1. Get your body rehydrate from 3 days prior to Holi. Drink a lot of water, apply body oil,apply gel or moisturiser to face, give a hot oil massage to scalp and nourish hair.
  2. Do shampoo and condition your hair one day prior the festival as if anyone unwantedly throw colours on you, ur hair will be protected.
  3. On the auspicious day of Holi, before going outside, put a lot oil in your body, scalp and hair. Be careful to apply oil in your Hairline. If anyone want He or She may apply petrolium jelly instead of oil. But always careful to apply oil or petrolium jelly in the back of ear, sides of nose, sides of lips and all around your eyes.
  4. Apply nail polish in ur finger and yoe nails and put petrolium jelly inside your nail.
  5. Some people suggest to use sunscreen for protection. But personally, i believe that it may washed out due to water and sweat. Thus my suggestion is to apply oil.
  6. Ware full sleeve cotton dress only.
  7. Cover your head with a skirf
  8. Apply oil to ur child’s body and hair also...as they enjoy a lot more.

Bye friends. I will be here again with POST CARE TIPS on or day before HOLI......



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